Walking 30 Minutes for 30 Days

Ah shit, here we go again.

The last time I attempted to do this challenge I got to around the twenty day mark. Which is still farther than I thought I would make it. After awhile the routine kicks in and its just something you do. Walking feels easier as the days go on, your pace picks up, and you find that you go farther every time with the same time limit.

I stopped around twenty because I went to St. Louis for “vacation”. I walked for hours during that time, but it didn’t feel like it counted. As soon as I returned home I was so out of spoons that I didn’t go for a walk for three days afterword. Then fell off the horse entirely.

The reason I started doing this wasn’t to lose weight. My mental health was deteriorating due to stress, and sitting around did nothing to help. I usually drop my husband off at his job super early in the morning, like 4am early. The sweet spot in the day to walk at the local park trail. The runners are just starting to show up, and by the end of the 30 minutes I miss the cyclists entirely. Yay. But good grief, can the trail be creepy in the dark. (That is another story in itself. Shit is haunted.)

So this morning was Day One of walking for 30 mins. Overall, pretty uneventful. Some kids were fishing in the little pond there. I’ve never seen a single person catch a fish in that thing, I don’t think there even is fish in it? Tons of turtles that know not to trust humans within 20 feet of them and immediately dive back into the water on sight. Also a mosquito tried to bite my face.

Hopefully me getting bit on the face inspires ya’ll to also think about your mental health and take a brief walk outside! Get some of that fresh humid air! Walk during the dark hours to avoid the death orb, and drink from shady water fountains in the middle of a field!