Who Are You? Introduction Post:

Hello! My name is Dee. My pronouns are She/They/Them/Their
I am currently a twenty-eight year old nonbinary bisexual artist (Pisces sun, Aquarius moon, Aquarius rising) living in an obscure drive-thru town in Eastern Oklahoma. I am apart of the Wah-Zha-Zhe Nation (Osage) and hope to explore my culture more as I go farther into my adult years.

If you take a peek into my natural enclosure you’d see me, most likely in sweat pants and a metal shirt, hunched over a WIP acrylic painting or wadded up into a small ball around a Nintendo Switch; playing Pokémon Unite or some weird indie game I got for a dollar. There are plants of varying species and health hanging from the ceiling. All of the books are either high fantasy or about vampires. The magnetic calendar white board combo hung up by the door is covered with post cards from attractions at Salem, MA.

What is this?

I always wanted to run a blog since the Myspace era. Somewhere I do have a locked Blogger account that has nothing but dates and times of when I got the feeling I forgot something. Weird, I know. Not sure why I made that.

This blog is going to be about me. My interests, concerns, life, and opinions. I am starting this during Blaugust 2023 event!

Blaugust is a global blogging challenge to post everyday during the month of August. But honestly, there isn’t any pressure. The goal here is to get your words out there and to get the swing of blogging. Which is why I decided to create the blog I always low key wanted during this event.

So if that sounds like a fun challenge for you to make a post everyday about breeds of cats, that five hour TF2 video essay you watched, or some other weird thing you ramble on about at social gatherings- Please check out the post by Belghast https://aggronaut.com/2023/07/12/blaugust-2023-is-coming/ explaining the ins and outs, the signup, Discord channel, and awards! Hope you join us!