Day Two of 30 Minute Walk For 30 Days

Second day of walking for thirty minutes. Content warning: I talk about bugs and spiders.

I managed to get outside before sunrise and it was surprisingly cool. Here lately its been so warm I was worried it would just be sticky feeling.

On the walk I saw some bunnies chasing each other next to the trail, a father struggle to free his kid’s fishing line from an unknown obstacle in the pond, an elderly man leash train an excitable Boxer, and biblical looking locusts. MASSIVE, biblical looking locusts. If you know me you’d know how much I can’t stand jumping insects. I had to frequently walk on the entire opposite side of the trail path to avoid activating the wrath of the hell spawn. Spiders and other crawlies don’t wig me out quite like these living jump scares. Like, yeah, jumping spiders exist but they are so tiny. Since I am subscribed to tarantula kat on YouTube I even began to see them as cute.

tarantula kat on YouTube upgrading the enclosures for some of her jumping spiders.

When the endeavor was over and I was back into my car I spotted a small group of birds that were absolutely annihilating those locusts. Smacking them on the hard pavement before swallowing them whole. While yes, nature is terrifying. Its also just. Because fuck those Revelations 9: Fifth Trumpet Locusts from The Pit looking freaks.

Anyways! Let me know if this inspired you to enjoy the outdoors today!