Day Three of 30 Minute Walk For 30 Days

Day three of walking for thirty minutes for thirty days. Content Warning: I talk about climate stuff, and menstruation.

Today was absolutely miserable. I had trouble all morning waking up, and putting on the original Dune movie did not help. Since I waited so long to go out and do my walk it was scorching outside. The fact it was ninety degrees at nine in the morning really tapped into my existential dread of the future we are spiraling into climate wise. I think now is the time to invest in developing underground cities and bunkers. Not for the fear of nuclear fallout but because it is too damn hot for humans to exist on the surface. Of course, this wouldn’t be accepted because everyone is afraid of change and we’d all just be burnt chicken nuggets laying on a thousand degree asphalt lawn. There is that one city that’s underground in Nevada (I think?). Do that but everywhere.

This reminds me of when I was headed towards St. Louis and there were billboards for an underground cavern attraction. But how they sold it on the advertisements was the cool degrees of the caves. Come into the Earth hole children, it’s a crisp sixty degrees and we have a gift shop.

Backing up a bit; hot weather always agitates my menstruation cycle. I eat a jalapeno popper and it’s all over for me. I know that if it is happening to me it’s happening to others, so please be patient with your uterus having friends, we’re going through it. Come to think of it, with it inevitably getting hotter, the revolution will definitely be spurred by uterus owners just out of pure unquenchable hormone induced rage. So, be prepared for that I guess.

I hope this inspires you to go outside for a very brief period of time so you’ll appreciate the invention of AC.