Day Four of 30 Minute Walk For 30 Days

I can tell today is going to be a weird one. As I was getting my husband ready for work we watched the hearing about extraterrestrials and how we have known about them for a long time now.

Content Warning: We’re talking about religion and little grey men this mornin’, y’all.

If you want my opinion on aliens, I don’t really have one. I grew up in a Christian household that believed we were created in God’s image, but also that thinking we are the only creations is stupid. My dad even went farther to say that The Bible was only our history as humans. That other life forms would have their own Biblical texts that would be super similar to ours just different based on their situations. Sure, I could see that. I mean, The Bible we know now is a hodge podge of references to other religions that outdated New Testament Christianity. Even recently I have seen the theory that Christian God is just Loki that managed to kill the other Norse gods and convinced us he was one true God. Which, yeah sure, I can see that too. But that’s the thing with religious theory is that there is no way to prove these things because, well, okay, this sounds harsh but know that I’m not being purposely abrasive when I say it’s because it is not real.

So, okay. Aliens are real allegedly. Now what? What are we supposed to do with this information as average people? I can tell by the reactions of at least my generation, that we don’t really give a damn. Things for humans have not been great lately. Even if the aliens are here to provide solutions to our troubles, I highly doubt anyone in charge would listen to them, and I’d go as far to say we’d wage war as soon as possible. I love how that was one of the questions for the military man. Would we stand a chance in a fight? Of course he said no. I mean that’s fucking obvious. I’m not even going to expand on that.

I am thinking about all this as I did my walk at 4am. The humidity was atrociously sticky and I need a shower. I did see a young orange tabby cat prowling around. So that was a treat.

What if cats were aliens this whole time.