‘Skull Face Bookseller Honda-San’ Quick Review

A screenshot depicting Honda-San standing with books

Generally speaking I am not an anime consumer. On rare occasions I will be recommended a show by one of my more anime inclined friends. They usually get my vibe wrong of what genre of anime I would enjoy. Politely I will sit through the first few episodes with them, only to let them down gently that I don’t really enjoy body horror, gun action, or existential dread filled protagonists. I actually like slice of life anime. Give me Polar Bear Cafe any day of the week.

My husband recently renewed his Crunchyroll subscription and told me to use it as much as possible to get the worth out of it. Yeah, sure, I’ll try. Looking for a show to use for background sound one day I stumbled on Skull Face Bookseller Honda-San. Seems silly enough and at only twelve episodes I thought what could be the harm. I immediately loved it after the first episode.

Honda-San is a very endearing and soft spoken book clerk dealing with every day shenanigans of working book retail. It is a lot of fun to recognize the various manga series they refer to throughout the show but is censored or blocked out. The art direction of swapping main characters’ heads with different objects is very amusing to think about. Also, him being an anatomical skeleton is hilarious. The way he is drawn in the credits is just so dang cute I couldn’t get over it.

If you are looking for something relatable, short, and lighthearted.. Skull Face Bookseller Honda-San could be for you!