Metal Mondays #2: Going Back To Classic Heavy Metal

This Monday instead of showing off some obscure noise; I thought it would be good change of pace to show tracks that follow the typical “Heavy Metal” sound. Such as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, yadda yadda. Sometimes it is good to get in touch with your inner jean jacket and studded leather wrist bands. There are only two tracks today to keep it fast and loose. (Also Heavy Metal tracks can be around eleven minutes long.)

  1. When I went to Salem, MA for Halloween one year I went to the local goth shop ‘Die With Your Boots On’. As I brought my arm full of clothes to the register I noticed a small stand of CDs that were labelled as localized bands. Admittedly was drawn to the album art of ‘Return Of The Spectral Rider’ and was pleasantly surprised of the Heavy Metal feel it gives.
Die With Your Boots On, Salem,MA

Player is Wake The Dead by Ravage on Bandcamp:

2. The next track feels so familiar somehow.. like you heard it blaring out of your weirdo cousin’s room in the wood paneled mobile home they lived in way back when. Burning Sun is a perfect blend of Power Metal and Heavy. Great for getting ready for work.

Player is Wake of Ashes by Burning Sun on Bandcamp:

Rock on!