Metal Mondays #3: Trashy Tracks To Be Upset At The Internet To

After a long weekend flicking through the various social medias and feeling even more empty than when you first woke up, its time to vent. These tracks do not technically fall under the ‘metal’ category. However, if you are going to be a stickler about some random weirdo’s blog titles, you aren’t the type of person I want around anyways. Or better yet, make your own Metal Monday lists and send them to me. Here’s some content nobody asked for:

  1. I hope you know that when I say “trashy” I mean that affectionately. There is something special about songs that make you feel like you go everywhere via skateboard and carve a tally mark into the bathroom wall at your part-time Blockbuster job. You feeling the vibe? Cool.

Player is Stationary by Teenage Halloween on Bandcamp:

2. Real life is aggravating enough. Then you add in the problems of everyone else on the planet with social media and it is a miracle any of us are still capable of functioning. Crack open a cold one, here is to keeping it together.

Player is Beg For The Torture by Destroy Boys on Bandcamp:

3. So you had a rough day at work. The skateboard to use to commute to Blockbuster just decided to snap in half. Well, that is just great. You open up your phone for the five hundredth time in the span of eight hours, and type out a thread on Twitter asking for a few bucks for a ride home. Set a reminder to make a GoFundMe page for replacing your skateboard, and wait for the bus.

Player is Bus Money by The Chats on Bandcamp:

You made it home and the couch is calling. Let me know if you prefer the big players verses the thin players I used previously. Rock on!